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CAN Datalogger (Beta)

CAN Datalogger (Beta)

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Coming soon... the Perspic CAN Logger. 

For a pre-production unit please reach out: Contact Us for availability.

Product Details

The CAN Datalogger is designed for engineers and tinkerers to investigate and troubleshoot CAN data on any data bus. Supports up to a 64GB Micro-SD card for data storage and contains an easily settable RTC for time-based data analysis.


  • Up to 3-chanel datalogging
  • Real-time clock for time keeping
  • Optional Wifi for data upload to server
  • Open source data processing server
  • Standard human-readable data logging format
  • Configuration from JSON file on SD card

Future Features (In Development)

  • CAN message filtering, only record messages on a specific list.
  • CANOpen TIME output message for time synchronization of other nodes
  • Replay of pre-recorded file


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